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  Hello Des,  
  I hope you are doing fine. Being back in Germany it took quite a while until I´ve catched up with everything in work and private life again - that´s why I could only come back to you now. Your suits and shirts are already in
daily use and I am very satisfied (my wife likes them a lot as well) - thanks for that and all we have done together during my stay, which I really enjoyed !!!
  Special regards to all members of your nice family !!!
Your german friend, Michael
  Hi TJ,  
  I received the tuxedo in good order last Thursday. I tried it on and it fits perfectly and looks really good. Thanks for a good piece of work !!
  Best regards,
  I just received the delivery. Excellent quality in every detail and exactly according to specification! I'm deeply satisfied. Thank you very much. I will recommend you to all my friends and colleagues.  
  Have a fantastic weekend,
  Am an happy customer of yours: Renaud PRETET. I came two months ago with Nicolas, another French guy...
  Well, I am now back to France but need to pick up two shirts and a suit next week when I 'll fly to Singapore....
My japanese girlfriend, Chinami, based in Singapore, should come to see you tomorrow wednesday to tell you what I need for the end of next week.
  Do you still have my size for shirts and suit? Which information do you need from me? (I previously bought a grey suit, and three shirts - blue with stripes and white with pink stripes, and white with stripes) Please give me a good price as I am now a loyal customer, flying often to Singapore for business... Rely on you...;-)  
  Happy new year.  
  Dear Des,  
  I received my order today for which I thank you very much. The suit and the shirts meet completely my expectations and I like them very much. Everything looks very ellegant and it seems that I will be one of the good looking business men in Japan from tomorrow.  
  Thank you very much for your speedy delivery and the nice quality.  
  I hope that I can ask for new samples in the near future (I heared that my colleague Patrick Sallin also got some nice shirts). In the meantime I wish you, your sister and your family all the best and I remain with season's greetings.  
  Michael from Tokyo  
  I am interested in buying another suit from you. I was down in Singapore back in January of 2002 and bought a black suit (from the MSC ship USNS Rappahannock). Please tell me if it is possible to have it shipped to the eastern USA and about how much? I also have a friend who is interested in buying a suit.....he can have the measurements taken by a tailor here. If you can do this, do you need measurements in inches or centimeters? Thanks TJ
Kyle M. Barry
  Thank you very much for doing the suites and shirts.
  I am sorry I wasn't able to meet you in the lobby. I was on a business call that I was in the middle of when you came.  
  I tried the 3 suites on and they were great. The one pleat pants have my legs feel much better and has me want to wear the suite. Thank you for working with me to have these suites and shirts work for my body, taste and style.  
  I am interested in doing more business with you. I am glad I can now count on getting good suites and good prices. Thank you giving me a good discount as well.  
  The next suit I am interested in is a light gray or light gray with a pin stripe for a day time suite.  
  Again, thanks for the work you did for me and I appreciate your service.  
  It is probably not clear from my email address, but this is Jacob Manning. I bought two suits from you last summer when I came to Singapore with Professor Jim Byrne. I hope you have been well.
  The two suits you made me are now my favorites, and I wanted to see if it would be possible for you to make another. I do not have a nice black suit, so I would like to buy one. I may also consider a tan suit, but I am not sure. Hopefully, you still have my measurements--the two suits that I have still fit great. Either suit would be just like the blue pin stripe that you made me (3 button).  
  First, could you let me know what the suit would cost as well as what shipping would cost to get it to the United States (the state of West Virginia to be exact). Second, what would you need from me? Would you send sample fabrics, or do I need to send you something?  
  I am very happy with the suits that I have, so I hope this works out. Please let me know what you need from me.  
  Thank you.
Jacob Manning
  Hi TJ,  
  Thanks for the clothes order,my mum was really pleased with them,could I order a white cotton shirt in easy iron cotton,how do you want paying,is our credit card details you already have still valid,by the way how about Arsenal for the champions league,now they put out Real Madrid,Juventus should be a steady draw
  Dear Sir/Madam  
  I ordered a tuxedo and some shirts/trousers a couple of months ago (February/March 2005). As I experienced a high standard in your clothes, I would like to order the following:

  • One additional trouser to my tuxedo (with the traditional line on the side); and
  • One white shirt to the tuxedo.
  Could you please confirm whether  
  • You are still in possession of my personal measures
  • How much the delivery of the order would cost including transport
  Thanks and Regards,
  Hello TJ,  
  When we were in Singapore in February 2003, ny husband and I had clothes made by yourselves: Order No 9681.  
  We were extremely pleased with them and would like to order some more, to be sent to England. The details are as follows:
  • Alastair Walker:- Trousers- same style and quality as previously, two pairs navy blue and one pair charcoal grey
  • Barbara Wilson:- Trousers - same style and quality as previously (lined with pockets) one pair black, one pair navy and one pair mid-grey
  Please can you let us know the cost and how we can pay you. Previously we have faxed you a cop[y of our credit card.  
  I like to introduce you to TJ, he is my tailor for the past few years and has successfully build me some suits. If you bring him the style shirts or suits he will tailor them to your liking and normally produces them within two days. He can also start from scratch or use my Italian style as an example if you prefer that.  
  Des I know you will look after Steve, you may give the top of the house a better look in the future! Steve will contact you at his convenience when he is in Singapore for a few days so you can meet him at his hotel.  
Eric J.W. Bakker
  I have received the suits, thank you!

  Your work is excellent as usual! I think I am going to order 2 more soon: please select for me your best plain black suit, and a grey one. I may come to Singapore (in this case I will choose them) or I will ask my friend Yohann to choose them for me.  
  Hi Des,  
  I just thought I would send you a follow-up email to thank you (and your staff) for the efforts in getting my suits ready during my visit especially as it involved coming in after hours and on your national day. Needless to say I am very pleased with the results and have already passed your details on to work collegues and friends for when they visit!

  Many thanks again,  
  Best regards,
  Hi Des,  
  Just wanted to say thanks to you and your sister for your good service and the good work done on my pants and shirt. The fit is perfect. Will be back again….

Ben Ruane
  Trouses received with thanks.  
  As usual a perfect fit.  
  Once again congratulatins on your new shop.  
  Best regards
Christian Rørbeck
  Hi TJ,  
  Today I received the clothes and I am very happy with them. Everything fits fine - thanks really a lot.  
  All the best,
  Hi Des TJ,  
  The shirts arrived yesterday morning. I am very pleased with them, thank you for your service.
  Best regards,
  Dear Des,  
  Thank you very much for the clothes.
  I am very happy with the result and I am sure that I will buy more from you in the future.  
  I hope that all is well in Singapore.  
  Best regards,
  Dear TJ,  
  We receive the suits for Guy. Everything looks perfect. We want to thank you and your sister for the job. We are so grateful to know you both.You have to know that all the clothes you have done for me, all my friends ask where i bought them. So you might have some more work with us , for us and for our friends...
  Good luck and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.  
  All my best to you both.
Angelina and Guy
  Hi Des,  
  The clothes arrived yesterday and your declaration worked as you assumed.  
  All seems to be in exellent condition and the colours are fine, thank you.  
  And thanks for the nice ties.  
  Kind Regards,
Ragnar Norway
  Dear Mr Des.  
  Greetings ! I hope all is well in Singapore.  

I am very satisfied with the 2 suits, the sports coat and the shirts you had made for me. Would you be able to send me a few cloth samples for "winter quality" suits, e.g., grey chalkstripe, grey flannel, Prince of Wales check.

  Please send to my private address in Germany:  
  Hello TJ,  
  Yesterday we met Esther and Bernd, and what a surprise, he had my suit with him. Thanks very much for that straight delivery. I tried it immediately: fits like all the other things before. So I have to say many thanks for the very professional way of our deals around half of the world. And also thanks for the ties.  
  If I need any other things, I will let you know.  
  Best regards.
  PS: Regards also from Astrid; she also likes the clothes.  
  Dear TJ,  
  Please kindly note that your shirts have been safely arrived. The shirts fit very well and look great. Job very well done my friend. For sure you have a new customer who will find his way back to your store.  
  I am thinking to order a additional black jacket for the black trousers in the same cut and style as my back one with stripes. I will talk to Bjoern if he can handle the bill and bring it to Germany the next time he traveles. I will come back on this later.  
  Best regards,
  Dear Des T J !  
  I am very pleased with the clothes you made for me :-) If you have not shipped the red dress etc, I will be delighted if you can include 2 additional pashminas in black and one additional long blue Silk kinomo. Please charge my diners card.  
  Many thanks,  
  Best Regards
  Hi TJ,  
  Clothing well recieved - thank you very much. As usual a perfect fit. Once again nice to see you and your sister again. Will be in touch.  
  Best regards to you and your as allways lovely sister.
Christian Rørbeck
  Hi Des TJ,  
  The shirts arrived …. Excellent … thank you very much….  
  I’ll be in contact to check the possibility of you tailoring a suit for me.  
  Kind regards,
  Hi TJ,  
  How are you? Many thanks for the blouses, they fit very well and look like on the pictures. Well done!! :-)) I received them from my parents after my vacation.  
  I hope that I will have a possibility to travel to Singapore next year, but so far there is nothing planned.  
  Have a nice time and I hope to see you soon!  
  Best regards
  Thought I’d let you know the trousers arrived yesterday and they fit perfectly.  
  Thank-you very much for your assistance...  
  As I'm sure you expected I am very pleased with the quality/fit of clothing. I especially enjoy the sports jacket and I'd like to have trousers to match (I'm sure your sister will be pleased).  
  Please advise.  
  Best Regards,
Charles Abadie
  Dear Mr. Des,  
  Many thanks for the nice dress, it is like you promised. It fits excellent. The delivery was perfect, I got it immediately when we arrived in the hotel.  
  Best regard and greeting from munich.  
  Ursula Orthmann  
  Dear Des,  
  Many thanks for the great suits and the shirts. It fits all very well (even better than before). My husbands very hppy with it. May I just ask you of what kind of fabric the shirts are made of so that I know how I have to iron them.  
  Many thanks and kind regards.  
  Julia Schoenknecht  
  I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent work on my recent order. I was in your store on Dec 31st and placed my first order for a suit and bought 4 shirts. Everything was shipped to my home in the USA and I am very pleased with the finished product. Well done! I look forward to placing more orders this spring.  
  Thanks again,
Ryan Wagner
  I really liked the last suits that you sent to me. I would like to order some more suits from you. Can you sen d me some fabric samples in Dark Gray, Black and Dark Blue. Please send to:  
  Raymond Perkey  
  Dear TJ,  
  I have now worn my suit and shirt several times and I am very pleased with the fit - so thank you for your work and service.  
  I will speak with my Son and find out when he is to make a return journey (Singapore/London) and arrange for him to pick up from you, as I would like to go ahead with the Harris Bone Tweed jacket (52-C) and light grey trousers (2925-5). Can you let me know the cost of the two items and how best to make payment.  
  There is no rush as I do not expect my Son to visit until say Feb/March 2010.  
  Seasons greeting to you and your family - and I'll bet you are enjoying better weather in Singapore than we are in London - it has hardly stopped raining since our return.  
  Best Wishes,
Allan Cawte
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